Icebreaker Book By Hannah Grace

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The Maple Hills Series has taken the literary world by storm with its gripping storytelling, relatable characters, and compelling narratives. In this review, we’ll explore a book known as “Icebreaker,” based on their sales and Amazon ratings. Whether you’re a fan of romance, drama, or mystery, these books promise to be an engaging addition to your reading list. Let’s dive in and discover what makes each of these novels a must-read.

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In the competitive sports world, destinies often intertwine unexpectedly. This happened when Anastasia Allen, a rising figure skating star, met Nate Hawkins, the charismatic captain of the university’s hockey team. Their encounter on the ice sparked events that altered their lives forever.

Anastasia’s Journey to Team USA:

Anastasia Allen pursued her dream of representing Team USA since childhood. Her journey started young and led to a full scholarship at the prestigious University of California, Maple Hills. She secured a spot on the competitive figure skating team, making her dreams a reality.

Anastasia’s Determination:

Anastasia faces challenges head-on, including Nate Hawkins, the hockey team’s captain. Nate’s focus is leading his hockey team, but a facility mishap forces both teams to share the same rink.

Rivalry on Ice:

The clash between figure skaters and hockey players isn’t just about sports; it’s a clash of personalities and priorities. Tensions rise as they share the ice, each unwilling to yield.

Unexpected Allies:

Anastasia faces a dilemma when her skating partner gets injured. To save her skating career, she turns to Nate Hawkins for help. As they work together, they discover common ground beneath the rivalry.

Unveiling the Spark:

Sparks initially flew between Anastasia and Nate. However, as they spend more time together, love and rivalry blur. Anastasia’s beliefs are tested, and they face a life-changing choice.

In the arena where figure skating meets ice hockey, Anastasia and Nate’s story reveals the unpredictability of life. Pursuing dreams may lead to unexpected discoveries, as love and passion can bridge divides.


The Icebreaker novels from The Maple Hills Series offer a captivating journey filled with relatable characters, emotional depth, and unpredictable plot twists. Whether you’re new to the series or a devoted fan, each book has its unique charm and will keep you engrossed from start to finish.

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Hannah Grace
Hannah is an English self-labelled “fluffy comfort book” author, writing predominantly new adult and contemporary romance from her home in Manchester. When she’s not describing everyone’s eyes ten-thousand times a chapter, accidentally giving mu…read more

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Icebreaker Book By Hannah Grace
Icebreaker Book By Hannah Grace
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